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Real Estate Inspections & Sellers Inspections in Perris & Hemet, CA



A Seller’s Inspection is a, 1-2 hour walk through with the seller to advise on what the buyer's inspector will be looking for. This helps the seller get ahead of the possible defects that the buyer’s inspections will uncover. A one-hour inspection will not uncover everything a full inspection will, but it will greatly reduce what is found if the recommendations are implemented.

The cost of a sellers Inspection is a flat $150.00 (up to 2200 sq ft then $.10 a sq ft ) Where a regular inspection starts at $199.00. ​



Imagine getting a copy of the buyer's inspection and it is filled with maintenance and minor issues, No GFCI's, leaking water heater, missing flashing, and siding problems or electrical box issues.

Sellers Inspections in Perris & Hemet CA

A GFCI outlet costs about $20.00. If the buyer request a certified electrician to fix the minor issue you could spend up to an hour service call plus the parts ($120.00 and up) just to install an outlet.



How about those major items like Roof leaks, ground leveling and major appliance problems. knowing ahead of time allows you to start working on gathering estimates and finding the right contractor for the job, or add it to the disclosure  statement as a concession.  Being told about these major issues at the end of escrow can limit your time to find the best option for you, and ultimately cost you money and time, or even a possible buyer.

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