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GSR Aerial Vision Photography specializes in photographing real estate, buildings and architecture for companies, REALTORS and homeowners in Southern California.

Do you need photos of a home you’re selling in Southern California?

There were these two families selling their home in one of the suburbs just a few miles from Los Angeles. They were both great homes, almost identical, and well priced at about $550,000.

One of the families sold their place in just 28 days, and a few weeks later they had already moved into their new home. They got $562,000 after a lot of competition among buyers, and found the whole process to be a lot quicker, and a lot less painful, than they expected.

The other family wasn't so successful. It took them 25 weeks to sell their home, and even then they only managed one offer for $520,000 which they accepted after some pressure from their agent.


What made the difference? The photographs.

One family had a real estate agent who brought in an experienced real estate photography company to prepare and photograph their home; the other family had a cheap real estate agent who took the photos with their phone.

So while one family had a home that looked like it was worth a lot more than the asking price, and had buyers queuing up to make an offer, the other home had very little interest. The difference was in the presentation, and it’s presentation that sells homes.


The right price plays a key role, but buyers look at the price and the photos together, and if they don’t match up they’re not going to call the agent to take a look.

Unless they’re a bargain hunter who is looking for something cheap, and that’s not the kind of buyer anyone wants. 

Every seller wants a top price for their home, and the photos have a big role to play in bringing the right sort of buyers through the door.

In other words, if the home looks classy then you’re going to attract classy buyers, the type who are willing and able to pay you the best possible price for your place.

And likewise, if you have photos that have been rushed, where the lighting isn’t spot on, where the kitchen is messy and the whole place looks like it would belong in the bargain bin at the local store, then you’re going to attract buyers who want to low-ball you.


If you want the right buyers for your home, GSR Aerial Vision Photography is here to help. 

When you work with GSR Aerial Vision Photography, we guarantee to deliver great images that will make it easier for you to reach your dream price. There are obviously a lot of factors that come into play when selling a home, and whilst we can’t do everything (like making sure your kids keep their room clean!) , we can provide you with drop dead gorgeous photos, and in our visual world that’s a pretty good start.

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